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Abroad the city

I don't know how to start, because i'm in a class with so many super talented people from allover the world. I'm happy to share my project and photos with you guys and get inspired by you. For me, instagram is one of the biggest part in my life! People mostly laugh about that, but to see all those photographs from so many different places and get together with so many people, is like the best thing ever. I love to see how people spent their time in the nature and explore it. 

As i started doing instagram, i was so helpless, because everyone i followed already had such an amazing feed. Then i found some amazing places around the city i live and started taking pictures. 

The first few shots i took, were taken with a nikon D7000 but since i got my iphone 5S, i haven't touched my cam. 

Here are some links you can follow me:

IG: www.instagram.com/theoceaniam

Tumblr: www.theoceaniam.tumblr.com

I'm happy for every feedback from you guys to get more inspired!

Enjoy this class and hope to talk to you guys soon,

All the best from Berlin/Germany



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