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Abreu Family

Abreu Family

Originally from Portugal and currently located in Portugal and in the UAE.

Several families have come to the Abreu family such as the Carvalhos (Oak trees) and the Santos (Saints).

As my grandfather says, we descend from the first Portuguese King, Dom Afonso Henriques.


Apparently the Abreu Family had a crest many years ago:


It's pretty bad ass but I still wanted to give it a shot.

Dom Afonso Henriques' most famous belonging was his sword:


Now, what my Grandma is famous for the most are her desserts and the most famous one is called Baba de Camelo (Camel's drool). Plus the fact that about half of the family lives in the UAE (Dubai)...:


What we got from my mom are her names: Carvalho and Santos which graphically translate into a halo and oak leaves.

So we got my grandpa telling stories about our history, my grandma's desserts, my mom's names, our original country's colors and why not throw in there one of our family's most famous quotes "Pedistezia, comezia (Slang for: You asked for it—you eat it)".

Final result



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