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Above and beyond expectations!

I have taken part in this project so that i can become more open minded and creative with my work, for me this project is the beginning of something new the beginning of me finding myself and growing as an artist.

(Above is a selection of artists who have inspired me already in the early stages of this project! so thought id share the inspiration!) 

Below is a couple of shots from my idea process and a sneeky little bit of process! 

OK so ive been on this project quiet a while now and have had some spare time after coming back to this drawing i decided i wasnt happy with the out come, so i revisited it adding and taking things away!  so heres the finished sketch!

some progres shots to find my colour pallete 

Still got a fair bit to do such as the humming birds and to add my textures that im wanting to use but what does everybody think?


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