About my blog

About my blog - image 1 - student project

My blog is about Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty and Celebrities. I made the blog to keep myself busy but i later got so attached to it that i always feel like posting, even when i don't know much about blogging. I kept learning different thing on my own, searching Google and searching Youtube for ways to move forward in blogging. I love fashion, beauty, beauty products and i love watch and knowing about celebrities so i decided to use that as my blog properties. Here in Nigeria we don't have access to so many thing online like trying to shop online and noticing it can't ship to our country at all,Beauty products does not add our country to their country list, same as subsciption boxes and so many other problems we have in our country and not everyone across the globe can afford somethings, most things online are expensive. In Nigeria 1$ = 400N . I have been blogging for almost a year and i am still having problems like no comments and no much traffic.