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Abi Naumann

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Abi's Calligraphy Journey

This is  my first ever attempt at calligraphy. It's been really fun, but challenging. I've experimented with a few different nibs and papers (all Mitchells - the art store was out of the recommended Nikkos and Gillots, and I couldn't wait to get started. Luckily, they should arrive soon!) 

I'm having some of the following problems...

  • Feathering of the ink
  • Tearing through the paper
  • Inconsistent amounts of ink
  • Properly weighted strokes

The more I work through these issues and practice, the better they get. But since this is my first time practicing calligraphy, much less using any of these tools it's hard to tell whether my issues stem from my inexperience or the wrong tools/materials. 


  • Nibs - Mitchell 303, 404, 170
  • Paper - Calligraphy Practice Pad, Smooth Surface, Neutral pH (I think this might be causing some of the bleeding/feathering)
  • Ink - Higgins, Black Magic, Waterproof, Pigment-Based

Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated. I'm beyond inspired by Molly's work and the countless other impressive pieces in the student gallery. Hopefully, with lots of practice I'll be half as good. :) 

Thank you! 


10.15.13 UPDATE! 

I finally got the right materials in the mail. The Nikko nib is my favorite. It makes a world of difference. The new ink + paper help with the feathering issues too. 

New Tools:

  • Nibs - Nikko G, Gillott 303, Gillott 404
  • Paper - Borden & Riley #37 Boris Bright White Translucent Layout Visual Bond 
  • Ink - Higgins, Eternal

I'm not in love with the paper, my writing shows up thin and light. I've been practicing on scratch paper (normal printer paper / card stock) and I like it so much more. But I'll continue to use the layout bond paper for these lessons. 

See my progress:

I'm continuing to work on control + consistency in shapes and space. 

I did a little doodling too. :) 

I also started working on my first alphabet. I know practice makes perfect and I still have a lot of work to do. 

10.16.13 UPDATE! 

I keep practicing my alphabet over lunch hours with scratch paper. Practice is making me more confident with my strokes. (Although, every now and then I get carried away and forget a letter! hehe...)  I plan to print out the guide and practice following Molly's strokes tonight. 

Any feedback SINCERELY appreciated. 

Thanks so much! 



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