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Hi Skillshare friends!

I wanted to create a collection that was personal and special to me. I lost all four of my grandparents in the span of just a couple of years, my dad's parents being only seven weeks apart. I wanted to honor their memory by creating something that reminded me of them and the summers/holidays that I spent there.


Below are some of the motifs I ended up using from my sketches. I also created some of my patterns straight within Illustrator using the pen tool, the blob brush tool, shapes, etc.


This is the color palette I ended up with. I had such a hard time deciding on this! There are endless possibilities with color, and that was kind of overwhelming to me.. anybody else like this?! I finally decided on this one because I really like that it has a little bit of a vintage feel to me.


Below you will find each of my patterns with a little description:

Re-Joyce is named after one of my grandmothers (Joyce) and encorporates many motifs.

The next pattern is titled Hello, Dear. I created the deer outline and then took the same details within the feathers to add more dimension to the deer. 


This pattern is a detailed feather repeat. I named it 'I'll Fly Away' because my grandfather was a songwriter who published many hymns. 

Following that is Pining for You. It encorporates baby pine cones that I photographed not very long ago. Pine trees were all around my grandparents' homes in Mississippi.


Chevron Pines was also created with pine trees in mind. I created them to be really graphic, and they ended up in this fun chevron type pattern.

Helen's Damask is named after my other grandmother, Helen. This type of damask pattern felt like it could have been something I would have seen on a wallpaper or something in the house.


Here is a closer look at the details within the deer and feathers. I like the idea that the closer you look, the more you find! 


And the alternate color option:


And finally the mock ups! It's fun to imagine all the things your pattern could end up on!





Thanks so much for taking a look through my work! It truly was a labor of love <3

Sarah Grace


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