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Abby Hersey

I draw things. I make things. I love coffee.



Abby Ewing's Portfolio

First and foremost, big thanks to Bonnie for this class (and your others!) - I've been inspired and educated and truly appreciate you sharing.

While I'm drawn to surface pattern design and am building a body of work in that vein, I also do illustrations, so while my portfolio doesn't follow Bonnie's exactly, I used a lot of her tips and tricks.


For my cover, intro, and contact pages I pulled in elements used in my existing website and business card branding. I created sections for pattern collections, product and packaging designs, and illustrations.

Each design has a title page with a brief description and an icon pulled from the artwork.


I included mockups and product photos throughout the book instead of putting them together in one section.


Here's a link to my portfolio on Issuu:

I'm excited to put Bonnie's info to work and begin working on hard copies soon!


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