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Rose Morgan

Freelance illustrator & nosebleed enthusiast



Abandoned places by machinesbleedtoo

I've always adored machinery, factories and sci-fi art, etc, but I've never had the confidence to deal with perspective in order to draw them. So I decided to remedy that.

I want to work on something overgrown or abandoned since I really adore nature too, and there's a lot of beauty in when the man made and the natural collide. 

To begin with, I'll be doing some sketches which include rough values and colour palettes so I can choose which one to use in a larger illustration.

1. Sketch 1 - abandoned factory 

I warped the perspective a little bit by using three point to make the scene look bigger. the Horizon is also slightly tilted. I think I need to make the edge of the wall closer to the viewer more visible, and the valves + pipes are a little off perspective-wise. The one closest to the viewer especially. 


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