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Abandon Collection

5/6/15 UPDATE

Final pattern collection below. Not as happy with it as I was hoping! I had a really hard time picking background colors. Looking around at everyone elses collections I noticed that they varied background colors and hardly anyone used a same asset in more than one pattern. I don't know if there's a "right" way to go about doing this or not. I was hoping that carrying some assets across other patterns would make the collection feel more consistent (not quite sure I was successful here). Figured I'd post my progress regarledless. Looking forward to feedback!






So I'm just getting started on my collection, I only have one so far that I am using as my base (style, color, mood etc.) for the rest of the patterns. I had a really hard time with this one! I drew up all of my illustrations but got stuck trying to arrange all of them in the pattern block looking the way I wanted. I had a lot of gaps which visually I just wasn't liking. After trying to puzzle piece everything together into a composition I liked over mutliple days I decided just to add a whole bunch of little details filling up the spaces.

Still not sure how I'm feeling about it! I thought I'd post in hopes of getting some feedback.



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