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Abacus - A freelance calculator

App Description

Abacus is a tool that helps creative professionals establish their prices when contracting independently. With Abacus freelancers can focus in being creative while the app calculates, suggests a quoting price and sets them up for success.

Initial App Design Teaser

One of the key features of the app is educating creative professionals into establishing their prices. Furthermore its calculator uses an algorithm that adds up the price based on the amount of hours per project, then dividing those amounts into 3 separate buckets:

  1. Company - This is pure revenue that goes into savings to invest back in the "company". Be it a new laptop, software upgrades or more hard drives for backup, this is the bucket for that.
  2. Operations - Traveling, materials, phone calls, emails, time spent developing documentation is all taken care of on this bucket. The leftover can go back to the Company bucket for savings or can become a nice bonus check for all the effort!
  3. Salaries - This bucket is used to pay for your services and anybody else that collaborated.

Calculations are based on a sole number that is established by the professional on his/her profile. This number can change and the educational documentation needed in order to find that perfect number is provided through the app.

Projects are added on a separate tab once quoted and approved by the prospect. Once completed, the user can mark the project as completed and is asked the amount of hours the project took. Based on that against the initial price suggested, the project is categorized as Profitable or Unprofitable. When Unprofitable the user can place a note about what went wrong as part of that project. The app keeps a log of these sub-categorized projects so that the freelancer can backtrack and learn important information about how projects are being managed in general.

Further improvements are planned in the future, but as of right now this would be the base idea. The app would be free but only giving access to the calculator. If the user wants access to the project log section they would have to do an in-app purchase of 99¢ to make it available.

This app was imagined after many years of struggle to establish my prices and not being confident about quotes proposed. More importantly I was inspired after reading the Creative Professional's Guide to Money book by the Marketing Mentor creator Ilise Benun. I highly recommend that book to anybody contracting work independently or solopreneurs.

If you want to take in this project please help me by filling out this Creative Professional Survey and passing it around. It provides me with very important information needed in order to make the right choices when developing this.

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