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Aaron Jesed LIVE

Hi! my name is Aaron and I am and illustrator and designer.

So, why is my project called that way? simple, in the past I've worked with several clients, logos, illustrations etc, BUT one thing I haven't been able to do is create some sort of presentation or logo for myself, it always seems easy to draw for other people but for myself its always complicated, so I'm gonna take this class and give it a go at creating a poster of me, with the style of a vintage gig poster, ergo the name Aaron Jesed LIVE.

This is the timeline I put up for this project, it includes both advertising and gig posters.

it is fairly short, but I wanted to go straight ahead with the things that I like the most, 

I  did downloaded a whole bunch of other images.

So, I take out my handy wacom tablet and start doing a mess out of the time line to try and look for a pattern in different eras and how it has evolved.

In the first row, we note something quite modern, they have BIG illustrations, so you can just go a hed and look at them, and direct messages, it says "DRINK" and "BUY" in a subtle way, and just above the company names.

In the second row with the gig posters, it clear that the people in that era cared a lot about the real deal, they wanted no imitators or just a recording, this is when people had a hard time belieaving that their idols were ACTUALLY going to be there playing for them, we have the big photos of the artists and the names right  next or above them, the other info although its important, its not as important as the fact that you are gonna come close to read the rest because it says, "THE BEATLES IN PERSON" you are inmediatly drawn to them.

The last row its a bit more modern, we note that in the "kool and the gang" poster, the photos of them are really small, almost unexistent, but the name is there and really big, and on the last two, coke ad its very simplistic, the big photo, and the logo just above, nothing too complicated, and the smashing pumpkings  we note what we see nowadays in the gig posters, just the band name with a cool illustration and you know right away it is a gig poster.

So this is my first analysis of layouts, sorry about the mess but this is the way I was most confortable finding the hierarchy.


Update 17/02/2014

I've been very busy and I  haven't been able to advance in my project too much, this is what I have so far-

In my studio's blackboard i started tumbnailing, and then got to the big layout as a result.

I went for the big logo on this one, like the more modern posters in my timeline.

Then I went to illustrator and dide the little exercise with that same layout.

Its looking decent i guess.



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