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Shonneri Herndon




Aaina - Warrior Princess

So, Aaina is a character that I have already made up to be a part of a story I am writing. But I havent quite found a drawing of mine that I wanted to use to be her. So, in this class I plan on making her. Because I already have a character description about her, I know who she is fairly well, but it also makes it harder because I still want to be loose with the thumbnail sketches.

So I decided that I would just stick to making her have a sword in some shape or form and everything else could be open to do anythign with.

It took me several trials and errors through these thumbnails, I started last night and kept erasing up until this morning. It's hard for me to imagine poses because I suck at it, basically. But I kept trying, at the end I looked up some references while making them my own.

I think I'll go back and redo about two or three of them, but I guess it doesnt matter because we can go forth with our top three. I like the top left, bottom right, and the two in the top right corner. I also sort of like the middle ones that are weilding swords. 

Sooo I moved forward with three, scrapped it and decided to only show the two I really liked.

I like them both for what they could be, but I really like the one to the left. I just really like her stance, because I know the character it goes more with ehr personality. But I still like the second one because of the seriousness given by the helmet and the shield. So, I'll start with the variations for the one to the left soon! 


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