AZILIA | AILIZA - student project

My dot com just waiting to happen... From my head to the web... :)

Ever since 2008 (the recession), my career as a graphic designer kept steering me towards working as a freelancer. After a few years of just dipping my toes, I now find myself in deeper waters. Thank goodness I know how to swim!

Firstly, AZILIA <--- This is my name spelt backwards. Which is also how many francophones pronounce my name when reading it. Why? I don't know. But I have learnt to embrace it and turn when they call me. I now use it as my company name.

I would like to create my website in two parts.

  1. AZILIA – Creative & Design Services:
    My professional portfolio. (This is my priority for this class).
  2. AILIZA – Hearts & Crafts:
    My personal projects which would allow me to sell online in the future.

Right now I have nothing on my .com therefore can't drive people to go there. My experience is predominantly print base and the web scares me a little. By the end of this course, I would like to have made my own functional site which I can update myself.

Please feel free to comment if my idea is too confusing. After all, it's all in my head!

1st Milestone: Setting up XAMPP & Wordpress

AZILIA | AILIZA - image 1 - student project

Ta-dah!! After hitting a little speed bump, I managed to download, install and configure all that was necessary for us to get this show on the road.

I must admit, this is not the first time that I have downloaded the Wordpress software in hopes to get my website up and running. And now, I understand why I had given up immediately after... I really didn't know what I was doing! Graphic designers aren't web designers is what someone once told me and I had accepted this a long time ago. But tonight, I crossed over that bridge and have hope that I can comprehend the basics!!

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Dynamic Header Plugin

For now I made 2 different headers for AZILIA and AILIZA. I would like for the Welcome/Home page to have an animated gif as a header. For now, it's set to AZILIA.

AZILIA | AILIZA - image 2 - student project

AZILIA | AILIZA - image 3 - student project

Will work on my portfolio content next.

Other things I would like to have:

  • A sliding tab for contact info with custom social media and mail icons. I can't seem to find the style I want from what is available.
  • Would like the colored strok to actually be the background to my menu bar and have custom colors for my Over/Down/Sub-Menus
Ailiza Coronel
Artistic Director / Graphic Designer