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For a long I have been fascinated by brush script and logotype design, but never even dared to try it becaise it seemed too far fetch for my abilities. After watchin this class I decided to try it for my own benefit and to learn in the process. I decided to re-brand myself as a graphic designer and this was the perfect oportunity to try it. 

The word I chose was "Ayu-yeye" which does mean anything to the outside world but for me and my family it means a WHOLE LOT. Ayu-yeye is a word my son started saying along his first words as a baby. At the tiime we assumed it meant something he did not know how to say and that eventually he would learn how to say. To our surprise he didn't grow out of saying it. After paying attention to the context in which he used it, we realized it was a term of endearment, just like an "I love you". He is four years old and to this day we all use it in the same way and he even uses it towards his one year-old sister. I decided to go on with this idea because the meaning that it holds personally and also because it is different, catchy and in my opinion it has the potential of being memorable.

and so it begins...

These are some of my first sketches:




I realized there was an interesting relationship between the letters, such as the "A" and the last "e" could share a similar look and that the space between the "Y's" was the same. I also wanted to use a hyphen to allow easier readability.


I then decided to explore more options besides the pencil and started using a flat marker  for calligraphy and some brush pens I recently bought for this project.




At this point I started to abandon the idea of trying to make the "A" and the "e" a similar shape and the hyphen idea got even stronger. I decided to give my own hand a try and using the flat tip marker I started to play with different "A's" to try and give the word more of a personality.




My "A' started to get the shape I wanted so then I tried to build a relationship with the following letters to see what I could come up with:



Now it was time to go to AI and try to vectorize it without losing the hand-written feel I was going for:


Nope, this was not it. After watching the videos over and over and using some of the techniques shown in this class, this is I came up with:


Black and white test:


zoom out test:


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