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ATX Streetwear

ATX Streetwear provides the Austin Culture via our garments and offerings that embody the nonconformist creator that is todays rebel #AtxStreetwear

The #AtxStreetwear Movement will begin with designs by Austins own "The Phyve" a brand incorporating the flavor, uniqueness and lifestyle of Austin, Tx (area code [FIVE]12) blended with the story and experience of the owners myself Luis Felipe @beimperial and my business partner Sergio @riveraclothingco

As two creatives/entrepreneurs/destiny setters we design and curate the people, experiences, and memories where we can and allow life's snapshots, lessons, mentors, forefathers, and insight guide our hand as we build an esthetic and concepts for our label.

THE MESSAGE OF OUR T-SHIRT IS to build your revolution with Love and Style. The evolution of our brands message lead us to designs which showed our understanding of the culture while repping for our city. The Phyve brand will encompass the #ATX weird, trendy, positive vibes through our creativity and attention to detail.

The design we finally chose is a manipulated image of Commandante Marcos, a modern day Che Guiverra, who is the face for the Zapatista rebels in Mexico. We have encorporated Staples of Austin's personality within the image and will be screen printing the following image on the shirt to give it a unique feel and try our hands at a more complicated concept of screen printing in the use of photography.


DETAILS of the design

1. Smoke cloud spelling out Phyve-our brand name
2. "I love you so much" Austin font and style tattoed on forearm- Well known graffiti desing of our city
3. Guitar instead of gun on back of the Commander-Our creative and musical pedegree
4. Texas star design along its "guitar strap" on front of shirt- Texas Repping
5. Music not design on bandana around its neck-our city is the live music capital
6. Silloutte of Richard Mille watch with time showing as 5:12 on forearm- 512 is our zip code
7.Replace the stars on the hat with thee "5" as shown in the attachment above- The logo of our brand



We screenprinted a photographic image to embelish the texture


The concept of "The Rebel Phyve" Tee is to symbolized the rebellion against others standards of our dreams and our willingness to start a revolution and battle with the art and love we have as creatives while repping for our city.

Shirt has our logo "5" screenprinted on the sleeve and an embroidered black on black "5" is on the back of the tee to add a small secret detail


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