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ATLAS BRAND | NEW YORK - "Stay Curious"


Who Am I

My name is Chris and I am a graduate with a bachelor degree in finance. You may ask yourself, why does a student with a finance background want to get into fashion world? Well that is a valid question and I too questioned myself many times but realized I always had the answer. Growing up I loved drawing. I started getting pieces of paper and tracing my favorite cartoons on my window (with the help of the sun of course). That love for drawing transitioned into the sneaker culture with me buying my very first pair of Air Jordan 13 at the age of 13 (ironic?) with my own money. From that moment, I started to invest my free time in learning about popular brands such as Staple, Stussy, Nike etc. and trying to.

I started college undecided of what I wanted to do, so I chose finance because it was what was “popular”. I held various positions in the financial sector and it was fun getting to learn a whole different environment. However, I missed the creativity in drawing and the passion I had for the fashion industry.

After graduating, I decided to venture out and begin an apparel line with a close partner and friend of mine, J. Many would label us as "crazy" because we turned down job offers from prestigious companies to pursue our passion. However, we find joy and happiness waking up each morning knowing that we made the right decision and will follow our dream. So here is to the crazies, the rebels, and the nonconformists!

Brand Name

After various free writing and thinking over what reflects our message and who we are, we finally chose a name we feel comfortable with. We chose one that we feel is a worldwide name and not just sticks to one demographic.

Atlas is a Latin word that means “Bearer of the Heavens”. The story of Atlas originated in Ancient Greek mythology as the Titan who was condemned by Zeus to stand eternally at the western end of the earth, holding up the sky. The story goes that Atlas and his brother Menoetius sided with the Titans in the war against the Olympians. Once defeated, Atlas was ordered by Zeus to stand at the western edge of the earth (Gaia) and hold up the heavens on his shoulders.

The word projects strength, credibility, and familiarity worldwide and that is what why we chose this name. We feel the traits characterize who we are as individuals and what we want our brand to be known for as well. The theme we are aiming for is to enlighten our supporters to strengthen their mind so they can be seen as credible individuals with vast amount of topics in the world.



Our message is simple. We want to bring out the intelligence in individuals through the designs and aesthetics in our clothing. Our art will not only will look cool, but will also educate individuals with insight on the history and meaning behind each design. Our inspirations will come from our team's personal life, history and cultures that will enlighten us to think freely, open our minds, and stay curious. This is what we want our supporters to feel when they purchase our shirts (and apparel in the future).

Update 1:

I forgot to mention a story while I was at the post office a few weeks ago. I was wearing my T-Shirt and was shipping some things and then the post office lady said "Cool shirt, is it Dominoes?" (as in the Dominoes game). I laughed a little, kind of hurt, but I then explained to her the actual concept and meaning behind the dots. And she asked, "oh thats on the kiosk system where you swipe your cards right?" I said "yes, but its also at different places".

This was just a story where I realized that us human beings need to be more curious (myself incuded) in opening your minds to different things. Just because you see dots, does not mean it relates to Dominoes or Dominos Pizza.


This is just the first of many designs we have in mind to create. We aren't just creating a cool shirt to wear, but instead we are enlightening you with history, culture and everyday life. We would of loved to do a collection, however the funds aren't there just yet. But that is not going to stop us from creating awesome shirts with actual meaning behind them, and not just a logo on a shirt. Stay Curious!


Our first t-shirt is inspired from a language that many are not familiar with, the Braille system. Braille is a tactile system used for people who are blind or have low vision. It is named after the Frenchman Louis Braille who developed the code at the age of 15 for night writing.

It was first developed by Charles Barbier who was ordered by Napoleon to develop a new language for the soldiers to silently communicate at night and without the need for light. His 12-dot system was difficult and took too long for the soldiers to communicate it. So in 1821, Barbier met Braille and there was when the new 6-dot system proved to be functional and easier for the military. This system transitioned to help the blind in reading and writing and is widely used today on ATMs, elevators, computer keyboard and many others.

The new system is known as the Braille system and has had a positive impact for those who are blind or visually impaired.




This is a the first type t-shirt photo sample we created. We used a friend's ink jet printing to press our design onto the next-level cotton shirt we purchased. The Direct-to-Garment (DTG) process is something we decided to do for the sample only to get a photo sample and show what our design will look like. In the future, we plan to work with silkscreen route and mix it with other techniques.

  • Fabric: 60% Combed Spuned Cotton | 40% Polyester
  • Fabric Weight: Light Weight
  • Color: Midnight Navy

We loved the idea of typography and feel that every brand (big or small) has started this way. However, we didn't just want to put our word mark on the shirt because that wouldn't justify our message. So that is why we decided to write "ATLAS" in the Braille language to get someone curious and ask, "what is that"? And that is where you come in and educate them because you have strengthened your mind!


Technique: Direct-To-Garment on a Next Level T-Shirt.







For our first sample, we wanted to try out the DTG technique. We found a nearby manufacturer that charged us a total of $12 for the print and blank. It is higher than average basic t-shirts because of the DTG technique and also the "next level" quality of the t-shirt (one of the best quality).

We will price is at $35 on our website once we launch. We are contemplating on doing a batch of 20 T-Shirts with this manufacturer.

Price Per Unit: $12

Total Quantity: 20

Total Cost: $240

Wholesale: $24 x 20 = $480 (100% Profit)

Online: $35 x 20 = $700 (192% Profit)

1/2 Wholesale + 1/2 Online

($24x10) + ($35x10) + ($240) + ($350) = $590 (146% Profit)

End Note:

You have learned 2 things in the span of 5 minutes of reading this. Imagine what New Yorkers, Americans and the Human Race can learn.

Twitter: @atlasbrandnyc

Thanks for the time and your support. Any feedback (constructive is welcomed) would be great! We are still in the very beginning stage so we are learning as we grow and we are always staying curious.


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