ASU Foundation

ASU Foundation - student project

The ASU Foundation is a non-profit organization involved in raising and investing funds on behalf of Arizona State University.

We are currently in the process of redesigning the website, but I am also in charge of revisiting the information architecture and seeing if it fits our current goals.

20.4.2013 Competititve Review

Compared similar foundations for three different universities, Wisconsin, Ohio State and Arizona. It's interesting to see that even though each organization has essentially the same goal of raising and investing money, there are significant differences in the labeling and organization of the navigation.

The competitive review can be found here:

20.4.2013 Persona

The target audience for this website is:

  • High-level ASU/Phoenix area philanthropists
  • ASU alumni/potential donors including recent graduates and long-ago graduates
  • ASU supporters/fans, especially those who have never made a gift

Persona can be found here:

28.4.2013 Recruiting Brief

The following lists the criteria for our card sort activity:

  • Knowledge of Arizona State University and general familiarity/affinity with the university
  • Diversity of gender, race and age, though users should be older than college graduate age
  • Varying levels of computer and Internet competence
  • Users in the Phoenix, Arizona, area
  • Moderate income level

28.4.2013 Content Inventory/Audit

Content Inventory can be found here:

4.5.2013 Sitemap

Sitemap outline (.xlsx) can be found here:

Visio (.pdf):

Chris Dizon

Web designer at Arizona State University