Eugenia Agbakwuru

Script writer, Speaker, HR consultant, Project Mgr




Hello everyone, Am genia, am a writer, i have done a just a few Nigerian TV series for a great studio here, i am here to learn how to freelance on my own, building my ideas, create my own storyline especially in conformance with global story writing standard, I just observed the discussion on this site is very interesting and insightful indeed. Please feel free to comment and suggest stuffs to me. thanks

My 3 pitches:

PITCH ONE: Gloria has been going through sexual abuse from her step father since she was 8, now she is 16, she plans to  run away when she finds out  she has Contacted HIV through a recent abortion, she is torned between revealing tr\he truth or running away from home, if she reveals the truth it will break the family but if she keeps it quiet her mum may contact the disease

PITCH TWO: Daniel is finally engaged to the girl of his dreams, at the bachelor's eve he finds out she is pregnant with his elder brother's baby who is also married, should he go ahead with the marriage and play ignorance or reveal the truth and lose his hearthrob,

PITCH THREE; Sarah loves her daddy to death and will do anything to protect him, her best friend's daddy has been wrongfully accused of fraud and may go to jail, Sarah must testify against him or lose her father to the cold hands of kidnappers.


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