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ASCII Glitch

Hey there,

so this is my first test with glitch 'n gif.

i decided to try unsing text-image inside the image text format. i got this desert photograph and transformed into ASCII using an online generator.

the first 'inception' wasn't so great. i took a print screen of the ASCII and began to exchange text between both images. i also did some hex mess using JPEG-2000 at the end. the finish piece is a glitch transition between the text and the original:

Data bending and mashups

The second attempt: i used two different picture from the same deer head for this mashup.

Mostly i applied bass/treble, equalization and pitch effects. The wahwah turned everything greyscale. In the end I increased gradually the speed of one of the pictures by 0.005 each time and the result was this stretch like effect.


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