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Di B.

Graphic Designer




Hi everyone, this is my first update in this class and I thought in something different to show myself. I thought in make me like a dog because I really love dogs and sometimes I feel that I am really myself when playing around with my dogs, with nobody watching or near of us. Anyway, I hope you like it. 

As you can see I want my character very simple with basic traces and probably no color. It would be great to have some feedback to help my work. Feel free to contact me. So, let's work.

I'm back to update my character. I loved the suggestion from Sarah to have a red spot on my character and I thought that the nose could be a good part to be highlighted. I'd love to have your feedback and feel free to talk to me! Keep drawing!! Cheers.

Following below my first comic strip. How hard is to find my own voice for a character!! How hard is to be funny!!! I'm not a funny a guy and this will certainly be my big challenge. What are your thoughts about that?? How can I measure if an idea is good or not to become a strip. How can I know if is it funny or not?? Is it possible? Probably not...

Update 1502-09 


Update 1502-09


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