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PRIMARY: Home, Lifestyle Photography, Fine Art Photography, Jewelry, Design, Pencil and Paper, Shop, Contact Me. 

SECONDARY: (under Lifestyle Photography)
Newborn & Kiddos, Couples, Maternity, I do, Seniors, (Not sure why seniors is on there twice...), Portrait, and Pricing.


Ok, Ive set up my Virb account. I have loaded a ton of my photos and projects. Please take a look and give me any feedback! i woud love to hear from you. thanks!


I was thinking of using the Theme "Grace" from the Virb site. It seems well organized (thank goodness that part is done for me!) and i like the big photos to showcase my photography.

What do you guys think? Would that be better than my current "Thumbnail-esque" theme that's currently on


Hi! I have had a domain name for about a year now, got a free WordPress theme and went from there. Unfortunately, i wasnt passionate about the layout, it was something just to get me started. 

I need suggestions/opinions though.  I am, what you'd call a "jack-of-all-trades".  Im a photographer, jewelry maker, sketcher, graphic designer and hopefuly one day a bag/purse maker. 

You see my problem? Too many cooks in the kitchen, too much randomness, too much "me".  My passion is photography, at least its my go to.  So do i start there?

I was thinking of having photography be my main point, and then have a page called "Alter Ego" or "Misc" where I can put my other talents. 

Is that too confusing though?  How can I organize my site to fit my personality, which is truely all over the place. 

I want to be able to show people this site, and use it to my advantage in future endevors as a true portfolio site.  I want to show coffee shops, galleries, etc my photography, show my friends and family my jewelry and sketches, and get freelance clients from my graphic design. is where you can see my problem in real life. I dont feel it flows well, and you'll be able to tell that its unfinished. HELP!!!


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