AQUA Studio NY - Messaging Refresh

AQUA Studio NY - Messaging Refresh - student project

AQUA is an aquacycling studio in Tribeca, NYC and they are looking to increase conversion on their site from curious onlookers to class bookers.

Here's their site before:

AQUA Studio NY - Messaging Refresh - image 1 - student project

Here's the creative Brief:

Creative Brief: AQUA

Project Title:   Copy for Landing Page          

Today’s Date:   9/14/15      Creative Review Date:   

Prepared by: Alison Tugwell             


To update the new site with copy that incites action and clearly and succinctly communicates AQUA Studio’s mission and benefits.

To whom are we communicating? What do we know about them?

Curious visitors looking take a class, discover AQUA, and learn more about how AQUA could benefit and improve their lives. We know the AQUA customer falls into one of four archetypes: the pregnant mother, the athlete/cross-trainer, the aging, the transitioners (those looking to add fitness into their lifestyle or are rehabilitating from injury)

What is the ONE main thing we want this audience to do?

Sign up for Intro Month

What is the benefit for the audience if they do this? (What's in it for them?)

1 Up to 800 calories burned per session

2 Effectively burns cellulite

3 Improves cardiovascular health

4 Impact-free on joints

5 No soreness

6 Better sleep / Increased energy

7 Improves endurance

8 Less Stress & More Focus

9 Resilience from injury and illness

10l Increased circulation

11. Mental clarity

12. Access to AQUA community and events

Are there any secondary actions we would like members of this audience to take?

Sign up for monthly newsletter!

 What are the business objectives this project was designed to meet? What are the measurements?

  1. Increase conversion of site visitors to paying members (main CTA → Sign up for Intro Month)
  2. Increase list size of dedicated followers via e-mail capture (secondary CTA → sign up for our newsletter)

Measurement: Increase conversion x2 to paying members in

What tone should this project have?








Clearer & direct call-to-action & pop-up prompt to sign up for monthly newsletter. Copy and graphics that show real customers and the mission benefits of AQUA simply and beautifully conveyed on landing page.

What are the deliverables? (Choose those that apply)


landing page X

site page X


confirmation page

banner ad

print collateral

other: _X, pop-up prompt

7a. What sizes do you need? N/A

7b. Do you want to test multiple versions? If so, how many?

No. One to start and can then change aspects once we have increased traffic to test behavior.

Are there any mandatory elements / functional requirements/functional considerations?

Connect to Mind-Body sign-up page. E-mail newsletter will link right to Mailchimp.

Have we done something similar before?  What was the outcome? (Please include screenshots


Have our competitors done anything similar? (Please include screenshots)

SOULCYCLE - urging customers to take the step for body-firming and soul-affirming benefits.

AQUA Studio NY - Messaging Refresh - image 2 - student project


AQUA Studio NY - Messaging Refresh - image 3 - student project

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