AOVST - Jon H - student project

Lesson 2 - The Minotaur Story

I opted to change it up a bit, just for fun.  This is my first draft.  Again, the drawings aren't the best, but I was trying to focus more on the storytelling then the art.  Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

AOVST - Jon H - image 1 - student project

Now that you've read it, the idea I was trying to get across is that the minotaur got the girl...who promptly turned his man(minotaur) cave into a girly room.  The minotaur was more then happy to get rid of the girl.

Lesson 1 

For this class I am purposfully trying to keep the art simple.  I'm not that good of a artist and if I spend all my time working on the artwork, I fear I'll miss out on the storytelling aspect.  Besides, if I get the storytelling right, the art style is irrelevant, right? :)

Lesson 1 exercises

AOVST - Jon H - image 2 - student project