ANSUYA - student project

I was given a project to create a flyer for a famous belly dancer coming into L.A. to teach master workshops in August.  I'm a belly dancer, and she's a legend, so I was WAY honored to be given the chance to do this...And we're bartering so that I get into the show for free and maybe a price break on some classes!  :)

Ansuya is a rock star in her own right, so I wanted to try and do something edgy.  She usually does more traditional bellydance, but she wanted to bring out her tribal fusion side as well.  So I chose, from the official images provided to me, to pick her wearing a pretty traditional outfit, but with a very edgy look in her eye, and I tried to bring more of that out with some abstract pattern off to her side.

She's just known by one name, so I adjusted a font (erased some parts of the lettering, pushed letters together) to make it look sort of modern and futuristic.

There is other information that needs to go on this flyer, such as where the venue is at, times, prices.  If anyone can help with suggestions for how to better lay this out...Design's a weak spot o' mine. 

I am excite!  Lol!  :)