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AMV + A Rose For Epona

Because my weak spot is the typography, I've made two different typographic logos for practice.

The first one was the warm up, a variation of my already existing brand "JalbertAMV", based on viking runes (and simple as ****).


By changing the angles a bit, this came out:


I made a lot of versions trying colors, but red is the one I liked the most. It has a certain comic style. Eitherway, used as a mark in works or photos, the colors have to be adapted.


In the end, I added the "Jalbert" with an existing typography, and a rhomboid shape around it, although I'm not very happy with the readability at small sizes, so I'll use the simple version (without any 3D effect or "Jalbert") for watermarking works and pictures. I'll leave a couple of examples.




Also, if you guys leave your feedback and say that the rhomboid doesn't work, I will listen.
Edit: so, rhomboid is gone, this is the final form then. Thanks for your comments!



And here is the second logo, with the text "A Rose For Epona", a song from the Swiss band Eluveitie.


This is the moodboard. A couple of typographys and symbols to get the celtic style, the logo of the band and one album cover. I used the spiral to give a nice touch on the "O".


I have tried the 3D effect too, but I wasn't very happy with it.


With a background using the PS brushes Ray give us:


Again, I'll love any feedback from you guys!

edit: I moved the "A" and uploaded the new files with the change. Thanks for your suggestions! :D


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