Assignment Week 1:

1) Explain your business model in one paragraph. Write out how it spends money, acquires users, and earns money. 

AMERICA: THE APP is an iPad app that creates video playlists built around common themes of American history (race, innovation, immigration, etc.). The video content is sourced from documentaries available in the public domain.

AMERICA is free to download from the iTunes store. A few mixes are available free in this version to give users enough sample content to get them hooked. AMERICA makes money when users pay to receive the premium version, which includes several additional mixes.


AMERICA acquires users in the following scenarios:

  • Users who are browsing the “Education” section of the iTunes store and see the name and description of the app.
  • Users follow a link in a social share (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that mentions the app.
  • Users see AMERICA listed in app reviews, either online or in traditional media.
  • Users see online or print advertisements for AMERICA. 

2) Detail out your main costs, main ways to acquire users, and earn money. Outline the equation in text below. In Week 2, we'll start putting this into Excel.

AMERICA spends money in these ways:

  • Acquiring content: staff to source, edit and prepare mixes for inclusion in the app
  • Tech development: Design and development of the app
  • Marketing: Tactics to increase awareness of the app
  • Incremental costs and maintenance: Hosting and bandwidth to distribute video content


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