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AMB's November Sketch-A-Day practice


Day 7. Composition

So, I've got an embarrassingly late start on this challenge. No excuses! Anyways, I'm in it now, and this being my first post, I wanted to give myself a couple of limitations as punishment haha. The first limitation is time. I'm giving myself 10 minutes. The goal is to produce, and work quicker. So, when I start the clock that means I have 10 minutes to come up with an idea, or ideas, and execute it. The next limitation I'm giving myself is that I'm only using 2 colors- yellow & gray. The gray will allow me to add some shading if needed and the yellow will add some pop. And lastly, and I guess this kind of falls in with the colors limitation, I'm only allowing myself to work in ink. I can use different size nibs etc, but, I'm only sticking with the inks this month. This is to help me to get through that pefectionist tendency I have when I'm creating. 


Day 30. Giving Thanks. Various pens.  I've been wanting to experiment with some styles I've seen combining doodles and text in a graffiti style, so this was my attempt.  I wanted to show how thankful I am for being able to participate in this challenge.


Day 29. FULL. Pen. One of my favorite quotes, " you cannot fill a cup that is already full", I feel like this quote fits this session perfectly. Learning to draw daily helps to fill my cup. And each day, each new prompt, allows me to empty my cup so that it can be filled.


Day 28. LANTERNS. fine liner pens, marker and pencil. About 30 mins. Immediately upon seeing the prompt, I thought Green Lantern! But I really wanted to simplify, something I'm trying to work on in my drawings. I could easily sit down for a couple hours and try to bang out a perfect rendition of one of my favorite comic book characters, but I had to remind myself: this is sketchbook practice. 


Day 27. COAT. pen and markers 30 mins. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint! Lately I've been wanting to make some more colorful drawings. This one fed my craving. 


Day 26. WARMTH. markers 10 mins. I wasn't sure how I wanted to portray this one. Hearing warmth I think of the sun, and warm colors on the color wheel.


Day 25. HAT. pen. 5 minutes. Having been a baseball player for most of my life, of course I went with the type of hat that you can find me in majority of the time.


Day 24. Snuggle. pen. 5 minutes. This reminded of my favorite blanket when I was younger. 


Day 23. STILL. Pen and markers. 1.5 hours.  I had a bit of insomnia during this prompt, if you can't tell? I was up late, later then I had planned so this was a cause and effect type of sketch. Still awake that late = still sleepin when I'm at work haha.


Day 22. Scarf. Marker and white gel pen. 10 minutes. This turned out better than I thought. I had the idea of combining a scarf and the letter S while at work, and this is what spilled onto the page.


Day 21 - CABIN - pen and marker. I've always been a fan of the loose, urban sketches so I wanted to go with that style for this. I feel like I've had difficulty with drawing landscapes and urban settings; this was a way for me to practice being loose and not trying to be perfect with every line and drawing every single branch, grain of wood etc. 


Day 20. PIE. watercolor and white gel pen. A play on " a pie in the sky". A pi constellation. 


Day 19. SPICE. brush pen and fine liner pen. Those weird old spice commercials always make me scratch my head. So what better to draw?


Day 18. PARK. fine liner pen. This one might be my favorite so far. Had fun playing with the type.


Day 17. FAMILY. "You can do anything. But never go against the family" brush pen and marker.


Day 16. BOOTS. pen and markers. These boots are pretty iconic and easily recognizeable in my opinion. Maybe because I've always been a fan?


Day 15. SOCKS. markers. Some old school, gold toes and striped socks.


Day 14 - ACORN. pen and markers - It occurred to me that an acorn resembled a drum, so I figured that a Reggae playing squirrel would definitely be playing the acorn bongos.


Day 13 - Leaves- pen and markers. Since it was Friday the 13th, I wanted to combine some superstitions and came up with this "Unlucky" Charm. 


Day 12 - APPLE - pen and markers 25 mins. Here's a Banksy inspired, graffiti style, satirical sketch—I'm kind of a Mac guy :)


Day 11 - TEA - tea, brush pen and marker - 1 hour ( this took longer than expected to dry and to get the right tone. Defintely gonna experiment more with this medium. I enjoyed it but not quite satisfied with the outcome, would like to have had a better range of tones) 


Day 10 - CHILL - brush pen, colored pencil and marker - 25 mins


Day 9 - SEASON - pentel brush pen - 10 mins


Day 8 - GATHERING - pentel brush pen - 10 mins


Day 7 - HOME - micron pen an pencil - 25 minutes


Day 6 - BONFIRE ( of the vanities ;) - micron pen and pencil - 10 minutes


Day 5 - FEAST - micron pen and pencil - 20 mins (while in the car)


Day 4 - Hay - roller ball pens - 10 minutes


Day 3 - COLOR - ballpoint pen and marker - 10 minutes


Day 2. Gourds. Markers and brush pen. I honestly had to look this up, I wasn't sure what a gourd actually was–a little embarassing really. 


Day 1. Fall. . Catching up on the past drawings that I didn't complete - I didn't start until day 3.



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