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Sometime last weekend: I seem to have missed out my banners here - thought I'd uploaded them. I moved the letters in a bit on the word alphabetti and changed the sizes of the L and the little A...but think I need to go further with those. later....





Thursday 23 July....I've remade the watermark logo so I can pop it onto all flat fabric designs - it has a white border around it to break it up from the fabrics. I redid the WovenMonkey banner too incorporating the new watermark/sticker slightly smaller than before. 



Monday evening 20 July (there's dedication and hubby is watching golf on telly)

Experimenting with new banner.....early days and I will need to spend more time on it but it's more what I need for my brand which is all about lots of fun types plus I've incorporated a cheeky little flower and a bird because I will be designing some floral and character patterns too.


This is the sketch I made so that I would remain focused when working with the typefaces. Although I didn't look at it while doing the banner, parts of it were definitely registered in my brain and show in the 'final' that A in the centre, the flourishing L, both Ts and the little i.......the process of sketching is so useful and cuts down the time I spend at my desktop.


Update on networking: terms agreed with an 'ideal customer' - she's making 4 purses from my fabric which I already had printed to check quality of fabric and design - I take photos of them and she can have the purses back to sell in her shop or use as giveaways. Maybe she will order more of my fabric - anyways I can use the photos for all kinds of marketing and I didn't have to sew a stitch! Brilliant.

Monday 20 July:

I have worked all morning on my brand idea with regards to my 2 online stores and changed the logo first because I thought it looked rather heavy in black. Simplified now it can be any colour. Also changed the Gill Sans to Frontage for the word Alphabetti now in white.

This is what I made for my Woven Monkey Store:


I know the photos need 'adjustments' but I am pleased with how the new logo sits massively - might make it smaller and oh, the word 'fabrics' is larger, now why did i do that......oh yes, because this version of the logo is for my Zazzle store and I needed to make it shout like that. Wrong version used in this example whoops.

Networking: I recategorized all my fabrics on Zazzle now I have a shiny new logo for Alphabetti Fabrics. Also I am making some networking efforts and think that I have found one of my ideal customers - we are discussing her making up some of my fabrics into purses and bags - I get the product photos and she keeps the purses to sell or giveaway and hopefully she might get some orders from people for items made with my fabric - good swop!

Monday 13th July:


A few months ago I bought a design bundle and when I saw this typeface called Frontage - I just had to use it! I didn't know what I was doing at all but I experimented and this letter A popped thing is I decided to make a typographical fabric pattern for young Arthur (8 months old at the time) and had it printed and I sewed it into a little bag for his bedroom. Alphabetti was born....


After some good feedback, I made the rest of the alphabet which I have for sale here:


I sell quite a few of my surface pattern designs via online print-on-demand stores. The alphabet designs were so different from my other type of patterns that I set up a new store for everything with typography on it here: ...... this all sounds very organised, but due to being so excited about the name, I forgot to look to see if the domain was still available and also there was another Alphabetti on FB so I had to call mine Alphabettiworld.....well, never mind because I don't think I need a website, I want to work out how to drive traffic to Zazzle and even Woven Monkey (although I don't see the fabric side taking off due to the price per meter) - very pleased to say I have sold 3 items on Zazzle so far and this is for just the first of many alphabet designs that I will put up there!

This is the banner I designed to go on the Alphabetti facebook page and I would welcome feedback - do you think the wording underneath should be written in a plainer font. The point of the page is to put articles of general interest as well as product launches which is why I haven't described what Alphabetti is - do you think I should reconsider that decision and maybe add the same words as in the 2nd example below that I am considering using on my zazzle store?  

Also feedback on the project cover photo specifically do you prefer the colour grey on the white background or do you like the black on blue as on the FB and Zazzle banners?


And this one is the banner for my Zazzle store:


Screenshot of my Pinterest board:

Generally I like bold and simple with a tiny quirky flourish or pattern


New improved logo after feedback.....back to the blue one and changed the kerning for the text :


Still thinking about a 1pt or 2pt outline - what dyou think?

New FB banner: and the logo goes to the left of this:


New Zazzle banner:


Feedback needed - do you prefer the thicker or thinner outline round the letters in Alphabetti?


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