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ALL of the trips... (Or, an attempt at listing them all after the intro video)

Oh boy. This will be a good test of my memory.




Homebase: Ottawa. Places that I've been to too many times to count: between Montreal and Toronto.


1995 - Gaspésie

2000 - Prince Edward Island (first plane ride ever!)

2001 - British Columbia: Okanagan, Riondel, Vancouver, Victoria

2003 - France: Loire, Dordogne, Paris (first international family trip!)

2004 - France: Burgundy, Provence, Lyon & England: Dorset & London & Quebec City band trip

2005 - Guadeloupe & James Bay, QC & Stratford, ON (the first of six annual trips to the Shakespeare festival there)

2006 - Greece: Athens, Kalamata, Rhodes

2007 - Washington, D.C. & Boston band trip & Newfoundland

2008 - Alberta & New York City drama trip & Belize

2009 - Cuba & New York City band trip

2010 - NYC & Bangladesh & Bahrain

2011 - Austria: Vienna, Alpbach, Salzburg & London, UK

2012 - Caribbean Cruise (with my twin brother who worked on the ship!) & Ireland: Dublin, The Western Way trail & moved to Spain to begin a year of teaching abroad which led to travel all over Spain, Berlin, Paris...

2013 - ...then more Spain, Albufeira in Portugal, Turkey, Malta, Budapest, Warsaw, Croatia, Montenegro, Prague, northern Italy, back home! Then: Prince Edward County, ON & Vancouver & Whistler, BC & Seattle, WA

2014 - Jamaica, back to Andalucia & Barcelona, Edinburgh, Alaska & Seattle, California: San Francisco, Yosemite, Big Sur

2015 - Jamaica, France: Burgundy, Alsace, Paris & Portugal: Madeira, Porto, Pinhao, Coimbra, Sintra, Evora, Lisboa, and then back out west to Vancouver

Hopefully to be continued...!


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