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Been through a lot over the past couple of years so I decided to go with a bunch of images that I can relate to and want to incorporate into this toy.

Below is my pic of the clouds. A dark gloomy world with a lond road ahead.

People always trying to control you and take hold of your life.

The Rain, Stars and Water all signify calming for me and something I want to incorporate into the toy somehow.

I have always been a fan of the Dissected Milo from Kaws. One of the greatest toys I have ever seen and one I have still not been able to get my hands on. This also represents split personality as well as seeing another side of someone.

The coarse toy below is also one of my favorties of all time and signifies what I want this character to become. This character is pulling from different energies.

FInally Balloons. Pretty much self explanatory

This all may seem very random but this is my mood board and I am already inspired and ready to create something amazing!


One of my biggest flaws is taking whats in my mind and drawing it. In the process of sketching this toy. 


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