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Servio Anez. Montreal, Canada


Slide your Style!

Akela is a hawaiian name that mean "Happiness"  we choice that because its how we feel when we surf , surf is what we love! We want to share this feeling and values in our brand and products.

Mission Statement: Design and create fashion and functional surf & skate products on the 7 seas.


"Form and style become very important to surfing, as surfing becomes an art form or a dance. And you begin to fathom that a beautiful aesthetic style is a purely functional style without excess or non-functional movement. And you can actually improve your degree of self perception through surfing. It's also interesting to note that surfing is nonproductive..."

Ref: Interview: Dr. Timothy Leary "The Evolutionary Surfer", Published in SURFER, Jan,1978


Akela Surf is a Surf & Skate co run by two surfers Annie & Servio.

Stoke in Montréal, Canada during a long and cold winter, the idea started to cook in our small kitchen. When we knew Annie was pregnant we decided to create something unusual for the surf industy.

As a surfer, artist and designer we always wanted to create our own image and products. Everyday we are waking up with new ideas and are impatience to test it!!

Our inspiration is anything from the ocean, punk music, Leroy Grannis book, vintage, retro, black&white pictures, classical horror movies and our baby!!

We love working in collaboration with others artitsts, designers, surfers, photographers, surfshops and that understand the concept.

Aloha & positive vibes!



The single fin represent for us the long and sophisticate manuevers but at the same time the rebel of the surf punk during the 60s in California , wish inspired our creations.


Images of Collection CADs

Branded "Car" 

The Pirate Ship



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