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Stephen Faraone

Owner/Founder at AIGHTYO!





Have you ever watched a dream manifest?  The feeling is unmatched.

Through AIGHTYO!, we are reaching out to inner-city youth and helping kids conquer their dreams.


The skateboarding community here in Providence, RI is unlike any other, and while we may live in the smallest state, these kids not only have the biggest dreams, but the biggest hearts.  Through skateboarding, I have personally met some of the most amazing people, traveled to places I would have never imagined going to, and have learned many life lessons which have helped to mold me into the person I am today.  Growing up, skateboarding has kept me out of trouble and away from drugs while teaching me what determination and passion are all about.  If we can steer even one kid in the right direction, then we are proud to say we have begun to fulfill our own dreams.


AIGHTYO! started as a side project with a small run of stickers and t-shirts back in September of 2012.  After skateboarding for 12 years and realizing aside from the skate shop in town, there were no local brands doing anything to support these kids with so much drive and ambition, I felt the need to take it upon myself.  While skateboarding is considered "illegal" here in Providence, it is punishable by $100 fine as well as confiscation of skateboards; we are fighting to change that.  Why should kids be reprimanded for staying out of trouble and being active in their community?  While fighting to keep skateboarding alive in Providence, we are also hoping to teach the youth many valuable lessons that will help them later in life.  With the entire skateboard community here in Providence backing us, it just felt right for us to have "THE MOVEMENT" as our slogan.  We're out in the streets every day, fighting to take back whats rightfully ours.  The freedom to be ourselves, pursue our dreams, and live our lives.

While our lives run their course, we all struggle at one point or another, and we want to embrace that.  The fight is what gives us character and teaches us to appreciate the little things in life.  Growing up in the streets as a young skateboarder has taught me these lessons early in life, and I wish to pass on this knowledge to the next generation of inner-city youth, with hopes of them doing the same for those to come after them.  Fueled solely on our passion for skateboarding and our desire to stay true to the dreams of our youth, we strive to show kids that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just make sure you watch out for potholes when you’re bombing down it.  AIGHTYO!

Click on the image below to watch a recent event we threw here in Providence, RI at Neutaconkanut Skatepark.  We hosted a park clean-up to give back to the community followed up with a best trick contest for all of the local kids!


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