AI Fundamentals - CourtneyP

I joined this class because the last time I took an AI class was in 2004 and even though I use AI frequently, I still feel like Im doing things the hard way and not utilizing the tools as much as I should be. 

Document Setup

Here I set up my document:

Navigation: grid, ruler, guides

I brought up the ruler, grid and added some guides. I always use the dropdown boxes for this so the keyboard shortcuts shown in the videos really helped and saved me time. 

Custom Toolbar

I also created the 'custom' toolbar which is something I did not know about before this class and this is great because there are some tools that I use constantly and have been bringing out each time I start a new doc - and now I dont have to! :)

Grouping and Selecting

Then I started using the test document provided to do grouping and selecting. The lasso tool is something I never use but should because when I grab things individually I always end up grabbing things I dont want and its so time consuming. And again, all the shortcuts are super helpful for grouping and switching back to the black arrow. 

Isolation Mode:

Saving the Document

And thats it! 

I really enjoyed this class because it was easy to understand and follow and because I learned some things I did not know!


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