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AH Blog Tumblr Template

My objective is to create a theme for my personal blog, which will be a part of my personal website. The website itself might be coded using Tumblr as a CMS, but I haven't yet decided. To that and, I'd like to create a simple, elegant, clean template that will be the base for the visual structure of the website itself. The Tumblr URL is allanholder.tumblr.com, yet I envision the blog living at blog.allanholder.com in the future.

Inspiration Sources

1) "Anchorage" Tumblr Theme: lots of white space, use of icons, posts on a column on the right, with a sidebar for information. As user scrolls down the image becomes a navbar.

2) Lewis Malpas personal site: great use of white space, big images leading posts, ideal desig for a navbar that is present across pages in the site.

3) Jack Cheng personal site: texts posts on my blog will most likely be long-ish form, so this is what I'm aiming for text posts to look like.

Although none of these examples have, I want to create a responsive theme that takes full advantage of screen real estate from side to side and a layout that can adapt to different screen sizes.

In terms of color, I'd like to use only a single color as an accent, and white and shades of gray for the rest of the elements, similar to what Larry Buchanan has done for his personal site:


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