London Dewey

Designer & Illustrator




1. Intro to Style Guides

Who will be using the guide? All ADURO employees and vendors.

What type of work will they be using the guide for? This style guide will be used to build the DNA of the brand that will translate across all business collateral; from business cards, swag and invoices to the website and social media.

What information do the users need to implement the brand successfully? Users need the appropriate color palette, Arquitecta font,  logos with usage guidelines, approved graphic elements and photography guidelines.

Are there any client-specific elements that fall outside of the essentials that should be included for successful usage? Not at this stage.

Who is the customer? Mid-sized companies looking for a cutting edge wellness program for their employees. ADURO uses programs that inspire new thinking, generate new actions, and get people excited to show up for their lives. It’s all about creating possibility and reaching new heights.

What is the Tone of Voice: language? Copy feel? Copy and text should feel authentic and real. The language should ignite and inspire without feeling preachy. 

What is ADURO's Purpose? 

ADURO broadens the wellness footprint to include personal and team productivity, gaming theory, social drivers, an open activity device and app strategy, real-time biometrics, and intrinsic health and productivity coaching – all opportunities to add fire to the more standard, boring, and sterile wellness approach. 

Other information based on the Brand Identity:

Mood Board:



Arquitecta Family

Graphic Elements:


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