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ADAMJK Envelope Manifesto – Summer 2015


This is my completed envelope manifesto, in a photo I took the day I made it. You saw me work on it in the class, and this is the real physical thing. I keep it in my desk drawer so that it is always nearby when I work. 

I titled this post with "Summer 2015" because you may choose to do this project at different intervals or times when you feel stuck. You might end up with a couple of envelopes over time. Or you may do one of the exercises ten times in a row. It's entirely up to you.

For me, the experience of doing this with a camera nearby was both terrifying and also strangely appropriate. It's hard to be on camera doing much of anything, but there was also something very fitting about taking time to look inward at this point in my life with a camera nearby. So much of what I love to make is about sharing personal experience, so why shouldn't this personal experience be shared too, right?

I hope you'll use this project gallery space to share whatever you're comfortable sharing. Maybe you'll just check in every so often to post an update on how you're doing.

Summer 2015:

  • I made this envelope manifesto

Fall 2015:

  • I met a stranger for coffee and it turned into a cool job opportunity to make something I wouldn't have thought to create, for an awesome client
  • I totally got like 1000 more followers so that was very exciting and good to me
  • A small and genuine interaction led to talks of an exciting partnership with a brand that I love
  • My birthday is literally today as I am typing this, I turned 27 today
  • I hung out with my teenage idol Michelle Branch and it was totally cool she is very nice

Dreams are real, but you need to set your intention and put it out there. I hope this project will help you do that.



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