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ACTS Service Manager

For the last 7 years I have been involved with a non-profit that matches local volunteers with residents in local communities that need a hand, typically in the way of home maintenace, repairs, clean-up, and moving services.  Our clients are low income families, single moms, widows, the elderly, and the disabled.

We want to begin to move our volunteer support processes online so our volunteers can access them from a computer or smart phone.  Key features would be:

  • Scoping a volunteer project- providing details, photos, & contact info via a mobile device that would email the submission to our service coordinator
  • Furniture Ministry inventory- check items in, out, or just check for availability
  • Tool Checkout- reserve and check out tools from our warehouse
  • Reserve our moving trailer- Online calendar for reservations
  • Sign community members up for our email newsletter
  • Contact ACTS- call or email with one click to contact our service coordinator

Check out our wireframe concept slides below or here:  

Send us your feedback (or encouragement!).



Update: March 23- After some initial issues with my app I decided to start from scratch.  Learning how to redirect to to the new app and get it up on Github and Heroku were good reinforcement.  Everything worked well until I got to the Customizing Devise section... the same place my app started giving me issues on Heroku before.  I can't figure out why pushing it out to Heroku doesn't work after these steps, but at least I am able to see my work locally thanks to John Moore & Clayton Stone in this guys rock!

I'm also finding that the minor differences between Mattan's Mac & my Windows environment, can sometimes cause major issues in tracking down help and troubleshooting. That's not Mattan's issue, just a reality that other programmers probably face daily.

Update March 26- After working through some issues with Devise and some of the Pins security, I am back on track.  I'm finding that mistyping has caused me more issues than bad code...something I need to work on double checking ALL THE TIME.

I'm already starting to think about the way things will pull together in my app.  I'm trying to decide between a pin system like we're using or something that will keep a bit more history on inventory like a Spree gem.  If anyone has some thoughts I'd love to hear them.

Update April 2- More progress toward my goal of having a prototype ready.  The addition of images to the Pins system has given me more food for thought in my PINS vs INVENTORY system debate.  Still wanting to find something that allows for history (where something came from and where it ended up instead of just deleting it).  I also need to add search capability and the option to tag something with a category.  Localhost is working fine but having a few issues I need to work out with Heroku Pins area.

That said, I'm getting more confident in experiementing with my app beyond what Mattan is showing us...much of it simple formatting or extra buttons/links, but regardless it is a far cry from where I was when I started.

Update April 9- Still chipping away toward my final app.  I feel like the guts are there, minus a few gems i need to run down, although functionality and UI are still a little jenky.  Heroku still hates me... I need to get this figured out but I keep running into issues.  I've begun going through the Hartl Tutorial to pick up new things.

Would still like to make contact with a few folks wanting to create inventory based systems so i can learn from them.  If this is you, send me a message.


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