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ACTIV Where the Adventure begins...

I have always dreamed about publishing an Adventure magazine.

ACTIV is the prototype name for this magazine / adventure hub and community, here is the Fliboard Link:

ACTIV via @flipboard

It started as an event featuring adventurers and travellers of all sorts, an event I used to run in my home town, Madrid (Spain), and rapidly gathered quite a large audience of enthousiasts.

This indicated that there was an interest and an audience apetite for it.

I have started curating content from other sites and pubications but have not yet created my own articles and shared them into Flipboard ACTIV.

I am also creating other magazines for sub-topics under the ACTIV brand, ACTIV / Waterman - ACTIV / Photography - ACTIV / Gear, etc, but not sure this is the best way to create sections inside a Flipboad Magazine.

Fliboard is an amazing tool for this, the only missing bit seems to be the monetization and revenue sharing element - I hope the Flipboard team engages soon in a Display Advertising network integration, as well as a payment or subscriptions engine for premium content.

I hope you enjoy what I have curated, and I look forward to your feedback.

Miguel Rosado Boulet


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