ACT (Ageing, Communication, Technologies)

First Update:

Hey guys! I'm Mohsen and currently working as both designer and researcher at a creative department in university. I have a brief about designing a logo and the old design is very simple and not elegant so I must changed the look and re-design it.

I have been looking through different sources like logo lounges' books and I found some really good examples for the one I'm looking. I also added some modern logos with nice and eye-catching enhancement in my pinterest as the name "Logo Design > New Feel".

So, the project about elders, communication and new technologies and I have to design a logo-type for it. so I came up with few sketches and I'm going to sketch more until I satisfy with the one I think is more creative and logical. In the meantime, I would appreciate everyone's opinions and suggestions on my early sketches.

Second Update:

I ask two of my friends which had some intersting ideas about my sketches and I also choose three for digitization.

Third Update:

Still working on it...


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