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Brandon Johnson





The brand name is Acquired Taste.  You will notice that the letters AQRD are used a lot in ny designs though.  AQRD is not only a shortened variation of the word Acquired, but in acronyms it stands for Aesthetic Quality in Rare Designs.  

Even though the brand is named Acquired Taste, those two words bring up so many things on a Google search, so I use AQRD in most of my social networking accounts as was my way of standing out.  From a design aspect, it also forces people to question what the letters mean or stand for, which I hope will come in handy once my collection is complete.  I believe that I am an acquired taste.  For years I'd tell this to people and they'd see it as a unique way of describing myself, as if they'd never heard anyone use it as a description.   

Since the birth of blogs and mainstream social networks, I've found that there are plenty of other people throughout the world that also identify with the same description.  Coming to this realization inspired me to use fashion to display what I feel makes me an acquired taste, in hopes that other people will be able to use my designs to express the same feelings/interests that contribute to them also being an acquired taste.

The slogan for my brand is simple..."Acquire What You Desire"!  Even if its nearly impossible to get, still maintain that desire to obtain it and maybe one day, it'll be yours.  

Back in 2011 I made a sample run of my 'Cool Guy' design with an elephant print fill for the Jordan III's that released that year.  It was a small run of 20 tees and there's only one tee that made it out of the Bay Area! 

Shortly after that, I became a father to a beautiful baby girl!!  Now that my daughter is basically a toddler, I have time to get back to my brand.  Here's a few mock ups for now...old and new!


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