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Aclr8 is a brand for car and motorcycle enthusiasts of the sporting persuasion. Specifically, people who like to go fast.  The idea grew from my frustration that there isn't a whole lot of cool non-NASCAR apparel out there for the type of person who enjoys motorsports.  And I also wanted to find a way to make money while participating in the sport I love.  In short, my goal is to sell shirts to go racing.

My first set of shirts grew out of random sketch ideas I've had over the years.  I got them all printed two years ago.  Today I've got another stack of designs about a week out from getting printed, but here's what I've put on the market so far:

The first one is a play on the Gulf livery made famous by the Ford GT40 and Porsche 917 racecars.

Porsche 917

One of the other themes that is integral to ACLR8 is incorporating mechanical items into designs.  Putting parts together that an auto enthusiast would recognize is something that I hope speaks to the heart of the niche I'm targeting.  The following two designs were my first attempts at that.

The I :heart: V-Twins shirt is aimed particulary at Ducati enthusiasts.  The general design of the exhaust cans imitate that of the Ducati 916, which was a pivotal design in motorcycle history.

The last design goes a little more abstract with the car/bike parts as art theme.  I used gauge designs to make a circular crest with the eye of providence as the centerpiece.  This along with the Gulf racing skull have been my most popular designs to date.


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