ABCs of Cruising

ABCs of Cruising - student project

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ABCs of Cruising - image 1 - student project

I was originally going another direction with this project, but I decided to restart so that I could pick a more specific style and a theme that I could really draw on my own experience with and I'm so glad that I did. The word list came so easily this time.

 ABCs of Cruising - image 2 - student project

A is for Abandoned. I'm always so anxious that we'll miss the ship that we're back with hours to spare. I'd hate to get left at port!

I felt like I was forcing the style a little bit with this one, but ended up pretty happy with the final illustration. By the end, I found my groove. 

 ABCs of Cruising - image 3 - student project


B is for Buffet. The breakfast buffet is my favorite. I'm definitely guilty of taking a week's worth of food each morning. You'd think I'd learn. At least the stomach aches are worth it.

This one came out so much easier. I added textures this time and love the dimension and character it adds. I'll probably go back and add some to my A illustration.

 ABCs of Cruising - image 4 - student project

C is for Cab. Catching a cab at port is always hectic. It's even harder remembering which old beater is yours.

This one was a little harder for me to figure out without having a person in it, but I'm happy with it regardless.

ABCs of Cruising - image 5 - student project

D is for Dive. The best $25 I've ever spent was to go out on a boat off the coast of Roatan. I just wish I was a better swimmer. 

I drew SO many fish, plants, and divers preparing for this piece. I'm starting to figure out what kinds of details work well with this style. I'm really loving the textures in this one. 

ABCs of Cruising - image 6 - student project

E is for Elevator. I'm not a huge fan of people touching me. When people that are still wet from the pool squeeze on to a crowded elevator, you can bet I'll give them some side eye.

I took a day to work on drawing faces and I think it really helped!

ABCs of Cruising - image 7 - student project

F is for Formal. I love seeing everyone dressed up on formal night, but I'm not a formal dresser myself.


I've never stuck with a drawing project this long. It's hard. I'm not good at sticking with things, but I'm really happy with the progress I'm making, so I'm trying to push through.