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Amira Brown

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AB+ IB, Before and After: Bird is the Word


Both my twin and I are using the skillshare account so these projects maybe just me or my sister as well and will be marked as such! We both started the ideation process and came out with bird related subjects even though we didn't tell eachother what we came up with. Due to our different schedules we will update this project as we finish with dates!


Amira: My sketches are on the left, I ended up with hope death and ended up with a russian dove doll filled with space my stylistic variations will also kinda tell different stories and are kinda involved with inevitability and potential outcomes

Imani: when i thought of before and after what came to mind was time and how essentially before and after if overlapped, create a sort of cradle holding the event itself. What came from it was essentially the event of death and loss of potential in a family of chickens. My word stacks and sketches are on the right and are illegible.

We are actually very positive people, 


Thoush it's been awhile since I opened this project I finished it around a month or so ago and didn't update. My sister eventually stopped working on her project. I chose to go with 2 variations and started making textures and sketches for the final drawing as well as some patterns that I though would be more useful later on.


Below is the some of lineart and texture that I used for the finalized illustration


After proceeding with the sketch up top, with line drawings and coloring them in I wasn't really happy with it's look, it didn't look cohesive and also looked overworked, so I resolved to not face that in the next one


The 2nd one is the one I'm most satisfied with in which eventual decay took place as data loss and corruption with tiny lil 404 errors which I feel went much better


Thanks for having me in this class, I learned a ton and look forward to experimenting more and pushing my work. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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