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AB Card Redesign

Hi I'm Aaron. I'm a designer who mostly focuses in web these days, but has had a little experience in everything in my short time as a designer. I've always had a bit of trouble getting my typography spot on with smaller compositions, business cards in particular. So I was thrilled to see one of the best typographers in the states offering a class on just that. Thanks Ellen!

The aesthetic I'm going for is a bold and geometric. I've always been a huge fan of swiss style type and think it suits my personality well. To bring back a bit of the americana aspect Ellen touched on in her video I decided to stick with Gotham in most of my designs. For a bit of a turn of the century vibe I decide to play around with Verlag on one of my cards, and I dabbled with the serif font Mercury on another. To stick with the first exercise Ellen laid out I didn't want to go off the deep end, but was having too much fun playing around with compositions and ended out there I think. My main concern is I relied on a lot of centered type. I'm not sure if this is a cop out or if it can have a place. 


Here are several compositions I tried out. To finding different compositions work better with different content I tried including my address on a couple. It isn't essential info for my card, but helped balance things out on a couple. 

Simple and centered. I find myself drawn back to this one for some reason, but I'm worried I've got too much of an inverted staircase going on. Thoughts? I tried jazzing it up a bit with some color and watermarked my logo behind my name. The red version is using Verlag and the black Gotham.

I was really drawn to the example in the video where a smaller element broke up the major type elements to create a nice visual pacing down the page. I tried that here and am really liking the results. To bump up the geometric and bold qualities I tried adding a thick border. I'm not sure about the border on this version. 

I wanted to try a more traditional composition but bring some of the bold elements from before into this one. Not my favorite, but practical. 

This version was sort of a happy accident. What I like most is how the justified name and left aligned text compliment eachother and frame eachother out. One of my favorites for sure. 

I wanted to try a couple vertical composition as well for pracitice. This one works well to convey the information, but feels a bit too business blah. I'm not sure what to do with this one to push it from okay to great. 

I decided I was really digging the bold border from before so I tried out a vertical version. It seems to change the proportions of the card's whitespace to something I enjoy more. The solo text was floating out in space a bit so I tried adding in a couple lines to help focus the eye inward while also implying some nice arcs along the edge of the text. I'd love some feedback on this one about good/bad practices with this type of composition. 

One of the books in the video inspired me to try this one out. I liked it overall, but felt it was a little too elegant for my card. I thought it might help inspire someone else!

Quite a huge post so I appreciate everyone that took the time to look it over!


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