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A. Kiki is born

1. Life has to win everyday, death only once....

This say doesn't have to pertain to life and death.  It could also be applied to everyday challenges that if worked hard for may be rewarded.  Death in this case is not the end but a final destination.  Everybody has a goal in life, smaller or bigger.  

2. Goal in life is a challenge, challenge is what keeps us alive...    Make yours count!  What is a challenge, idea, a belief.... in the movie "Cloud Atlas" one of the characters said, "maybe an idea is a drop in the ocean but what is an ocean if not a collection of drops".  

I have recently lost a job / business in a medical field.  Even though it was going great, changes in healthcare brought it to it's knees and killed it with no mercy.  

3. There is not time for lamenting, no time for sorrow, longing or wishful thinking...  It is time for action.  Life doesn't  stand still because a disaster striked.  

A.kiki is an idea that was born at the time of grief but is far from suffering and affliction.  Any water finds it's peace after a waterfall.  

4.  Optimism and determination is what makes us succeed...   I recently read a study on how women fieel  more attractive and confident when wearing red lingerie.  How true is that!  There is something to it.  I decided to make a skirt with a hidden bright lining, only I knew existed.  What an uplift that was.  My interviews were going smoother...  I had smile on my face thinking about my secret and everybody thought I was so cheerful.  

5. Think ahead, evolve...   even though that skirt lended me a job that wasn't enough.  How about a twist, I though.  It's nice to have a "secret" but what if I can show it!  Let's flip that sucker inside out and show my fun side after all.  

That's how A.Kiki was born!

I designed few other, ellagant sophisticated but deluding skirts.

6.  Love your brand like it's your child...  but don't let the emotion run you over.  Remember that love is a weakness.  When in love we are vulnerable and our decision making is impaired.  Religion is another great metaphor.  You have to love it, believe it and spread it to those in need augmenting the image for the eyes of the recipient.

7,8,9 &10. Think and act "bigger" than you really are...  It truly works. People want to follow and work with a leader!  In the movie "Now you see me, now you don't", the four magicians performed tricks but magic happened when audience believed.

On another note, good quality clothing are so expensive that are mostly out of reach for an average consumer.  I really want to make my brand affordable and make american girls, women look great again. I adore simple but elegant look and I want to make it available for all.  Women are beautiful by nature and they need to look great for less.


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