A year from now, you will wish you started today.

My project is to lose 20 pounds.  I am 8 years out from cancer treatment and am committed to being the best me I can be - including adopting some new healthy habits.

1 - Just get started! Throw away the excuses and schedule some daily physical activity as a priority.  MAKE IT FUN. Taking time for me doesn't make me a bad Mom, it makes me a good role model for my kids. 

2- Get the junk out of the house and PLAN for some healthy, tasty meals. More produce, more lean protein and more PREP.  Lazy convenience foods are gross and not good fuel for my body. 

3- No alchohol during the week.  A glass or two adds up and my food inhibitions go way down when I partake.  It's not worth it and excercise will help me relax more than any  glass of wine. 

4- Share my goals and hold myself accountable.  



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