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A work in progress.

My name is Hernando I go by HernandoSan (http://instagram.com/hernandosan/) on instagram and I am farely new to the platform. I've recently moved to Orlando and being in the city has definatly changed my perspective on photography. I use to just take pictures for myself to have as memories but I feel like I need to take it further by sharing my vision with others. My style of photograhy feels a bit inconsistant and is something I definitley need to work on. I also get inspired by many and have fallen into the trap of trying it myself when it comes to photos on instagram. I am slowly learning my style or "brand" I should say but I definitley want some feed back and advice.

Thank you and Enjoy! 

HernandoSan (http://instagram.com/hernandosan/)

so here goes my Last 9 on instagram. 


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