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A weekend in London

Hey, I'm a photographer based in Oslo, Norway. 

I took a trip to london this weekend (20th feb - 22th feb)

I'm just gonna get straight to the shots 

1. Portrait

So i was walking around in London, and i saw this guy smoking a rolled cigarette. 

I really like the outfit he's wearing, and the expression on his face. 

He was taking his time with the cigarette before he needs to get back to his job, driving the bus.

2. Motion Blur

I have wanted to capture a good doubble-deck bus shot for a while, and this is how it turned out.

You can see that the front of the bus is in focus, but the back of the bus is unfocused.

3. Lookup

I shot this with a super wide lens, at 17mm, to get as much detail in the building in front of me, and I also wanted to get as many buildings around as well.

I like that every building is looking different in design, and that you can see clouds and other buildings in the reflection in the windows.

4. Night Shot

This shot is taken pretty late, I had to take my ISO up to 10 000 so it turned out to be a lot more grainy then i wanted it to.

But overall I'm pretty satisfied with my shots.

If you want to se more of my work

Check out 




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