A visual ode to the 24 hour shops in Berlin, where I am living now.

With this zine I want to share the good experience of having these shops around: cheaper and cooler than many bars. You can sit outside, you can smoke sitting outside, play your own music, drink beers till very late -0,50 cents beers-, and eating chocolate bars when needed. 

The best summer plan for sure :( that's why I share it. 

My idea is to spread the zine around the whole city in random places, so people just see and recognise what they already think. In the back side there is a poster made pasting many different beer, juice and other drinks labels, so can be hang. 

This is a link where you can see it: http://www.flip-book-online.com/Documents/FlipBooks/%7B12127ceb-4547-4d9c-8f9e-7e9272c621b7%7D/FBO_1/

Waiting for feedback!




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