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A visit to China and Tibet

I took these pictures right after I got my Nikon camera and I didn't know how to use it properly then (not that I have improved that much since, but a bit of practice helps). Luckily, the scenery helped a lot, so I thought it'd be nice to edit some of these.

Detail of the Forbidden City



I wanted to make the colors on the building brighter and sharper. I liked the contrast with the blue sky, which I didn't alter too much.

Sacred Lake in Tibet



The before picture has this "dreamy" tone to it which I like, but I wanted to make the blues stronger so the image would pop a bit more. I'm amazed by how different the result is, and I think it also makes the reflection on the water more interesting.

Everest base camp



I already love this picture as it was, so didn't want to change a lot. Overall, I wanted the picture to be less shaded. The colors on the tibetean flags are definitely brighter and I tried to make the mountain a bit brighter too, although comparing the 2 pictures now I see it's not that different.

I loved Lightroom and look forward to continue using it in the future!


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